Home Decor – candle holder

Give your home a pleasing appearance by giving it accents, decorations, figurine etc. Amaze your visitors by our amazing collections.
Romantic Lantern Candle Holder-home accent-wanahavit-Black-wanahavit
Romantic Lantern Candle Holder
On sale from $ 15.79 USD
Crystal Religious Decorative Candle Holders-home accent-wanahavit-6CM-wanahavit
Crystal Religious Decorative Candle Holders
On sale from $ 23.39 USD
Elegant Votive Candle Holder-home accent-wanahavit-White Small-wanahavit
Elegant Votive Candle Holder
On sale from $ 26.14 USD
Moroccan Lantern Candle Holder-home accent-wanahavit-White-wanahavit
Moroccan Lantern Candle Holder
Regular price $ 45.29 USD Sale price $ 37.74 USD
Crystal Glass Candle Holder-home accent-wanahavit-A1 8cm-wanahavit
Crystal Glass Candle Holder
On sale from $ 5.11 USD
Mosaic Romantic Candle Holder-home accent-wanahavit-A-wanahavit
Mosaic Romantic Candle Holder
Regular price $ 26.97 USD Sale price $ 22.48 USD
European Style Metal Candle Holders-home accent-wanahavit-White-wanahavit
European Style Metal Candle Holders
On sale from $ 26.25 USD
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