About Us


Wanahavit is an ecommerce shop that focuses in providing you updated fashion items as well as fitness clothing assuring high quality at affordable price for our products. Our mission is to become a one stop shop for clothing industry specifically for fitness and fashion.

We believe that fashion and fitness shall be always combined for everyone. Our merchandise can be delivered all over the world and tested to assure quality of the product to make sure our customer will be satisfied and put our brand on their mind.


We believe that living in an updated fashion style along with healthy lifestyle is one of what most of the people in the world wants. We want to help people by bringing them fashion items and fitness wear, all in our one stop shop.


We are thriving to become the #1 e-commerce site all over the world where people will be looking for what they need. Our purpose is to provide a high quality products at affordable price and to create a community that shares the same interest in fashion and fitness.


  • Quality: We are providing a thoroughly reviewed and checked products to assure its quality.
  • Commitment: To provide high quality product at affordable price.
  • Passion: Living in trending fashion style and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Integrity: Gathers data to serve our costumers best interest.